Hania Amir

Hania Amir

The Pakistani entertainment industry has been blessed with several talented actors and actresses over the years. One such actress who has been making waves in the industry is Hania Amir. At just 24 years old, Hania has managed to carve a niche for herself in the industry with her talent, dedication, and hard work. In this article, we will take a closer look at Hania Amir, her life, career, and achievements.

Hania Amir Biography

Date of BirthWednesday, Feb 12, 1997
Age26 Years
Birth PlaceRawalpindi, Pakistan
ProfessionActress and Model
EducationGraduate from the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences
FatherMuhammad Amir
MotherMrs. Amir
SiblingsEesha Aamir
Brother(will update soon)
Spouse(will update soon)
Weight55 Kg (120 lbs)
Height5 feet 4 inches (162.56 cm)
Net Worthbetween $1 Million – $5 Million
CategoryActors and Actresses

Early Life and Career

Hania Amir was born on February 11, 1997, in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. She spent most of her childhood in the city of Islamabad and later moved to Karachi with her family. Hania completed her education from the Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology (FAST) in Islamabad.

Hania always had a passion for acting and started her career in the entertainment industry as a model. She later transitioned to acting and made her debut in the 2016 Pakistani film “Janaan.” Her performance in the film was well-received by both audiences and critics, and she quickly became a household name.

Rise to Fame

After her debut, Hania went on to work in several successful Pakistani dramas such as “Titli,” “Visaal,” and “Anaa.” Her performances in these dramas earned her critical acclaim and established her as one of the most talented young actresses in the industry.

In 2020, Hania starred in the hit drama series “Ishqiya,” which further cemented her position as a rising star in the industry. Her portrayal of the character “Hamna” in the drama was widely praised, and she won the hearts of audiences with her performance.

Personal Life and Social Media Presence

Apart from her acting career, Hania is also known for her social media presence. She is active on several social media platforms and has a massive following. Her Instagram account has over 5 million followers, and she often shares glimpses of her personal life and work on the platform.

Hania is also known for her strong personality and is not afraid to speak her mind. She has been vocal about issues such as body-shaming and mental health and has used her platform to spread awareness about these issues.

Awards and Achievements

Hania Amir’s talent and hard work have not gone unnoticed, and she has won several awards and nominations for her performances. In 2019, she won the Lux Style Award for Best Television Actress for her role in the drama series “Anaa.” She has also been nominated for several other awards, including the Hum Award for Best Actress.

Future Projects

Hania Amir’s talent and popularity continue to grow, and she has several exciting projects lined up for the future. She will be starring in the upcoming Pakistani film “Parde Mein Rehne Do,” which is set to release in 2022. She has also signed on for the drama series “Kashf,” which is set to air later this year.

What was Hania Amir’s debut film?

Hania’s debut film was “Janaan,” which was released in 2016.

What is Hania Amir’s social media presence like?

Hania is very active on social media, and she has over 5 million followers on Instagram.

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